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Are you always getting the best deal when buying a foreclosure? Yes and No. The only advantage to foreclosed homes is the fact that the seller is the bank. Since the bank has no sentimental attatchment to the house or like most homeowners feels it's worth more than it is you can usually get a price that is competitive for the market.

However, many foreclosed homes are often neglected or have incurred damages by the previous owner. Leaving many dollars in repairs as oppossed to purchasing a well maintained non foreclosure listing.


With that said, I like many start my search with foreclosures. It is a good place to start as they will often be your best value. After years of real estate investing (house flipping) I had only purchased 3 foreclosures. While my hunt usually began looking for bank owned properties either the condition of the home or other homes in the area were more appealing.


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Single Family Homes

Buy or Rent a single family residence in Royal Oak, MI. We can help you to find your new home today.

Foreclosures in Royal Oak

Learn about foreclosure opportunities in Royal Oak, MI. Finding a great deal in the foreclosure market can be difficult, you need to be prepared to act fast.

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With so many deals out there right now in the loft market what is the best deal? There are so many features and options available to each unit that appeal to almost any buyer.


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